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It’s November!

November is possibly one of my favorite months of the year because of Thanksgiving and all the Christmas prep! I’m getting super excited to spend my month off (one of the many benefits of doing PSEO as a Jr. in high school) with my South Dakota family!

Also, as a bit of a change-of-pace, we’re doing Thanksgiving at my aunt and uncles (on my mom’s side), which should be exciting. My little cousins are growing like weeds, and I never get to see any of them nearly enough as I should!

I’m thinking I’ll brainstorm some easy holiday decorations for around our upper level duplex. Construction paper decor for the window facing the street, perhaps? 🙂 Maybe I can buy some garland to hang around the windows and other places.

Oh, and the baking, I LOVE HOLIDAY FOOD. I’m making snickerdoodles with my loverboy, tomorrow. ❤ My step mom will be jealous. 🙂

More later!
-Dizzle Dazzle

P.S. I’m thinking about doing movie reviews, and maybe posting some of the more informative essays I’ve written for class. Yay or nay? Lemme know. 🙂