The Life and Times of a Teenage Weirdo

Today I…

Woke up feeling sooper dooper at 10:30.

Got out of bed at eleven.

Did my online courses and played The Sims Social (cause I’m an addict) until two-ish.

Did one load of dishes.

Did more school.

Second load of dishes.

Cleaned Ralph—our guinea pig—’s cage. ❤

Did third load of dishes.

Decided to make stew tonight (omnomnomnom).

Received a call from a college before I could start in on that.

Started chopping onions for stew and ‘cried’ a lot. (lololololol)

Finished stew around seven fifteen.

Scarfed it down cause it was awesome. (Not to toot my own horn.)

Had half a bottle of Pepsi Throwback because I earned it.

Decided that my life was lacking chocolate.

Made this chocolate cake with frosting.

Texted my lovelies.

Now I’ma warsh, brush, floss, potentially shower, and go to sleep. ❤

It’s freaking cold, though. So send me your warmth.


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